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Last fall I organized a vidshow at the Sirens Conference in Englewood, Colorado. I swore I'd post the playlist, and then I went to Belgium and Germany and when I came back reality blew up in our faces.

So, at long last, the vid playlist and panel description. The theme last year was Lovers, which informed my choice of vids.

Vidding comes to Sirens! This presentation and roundtable discussion will briefly introduce the practice of vidding (aka fanvids or songvids) by showing about a dozen vids, ranging from classics to book vids to vids related to this year’s Sirens theme. After watching the vids, we’ll have a short combined discussion and Q&A about the vids, vidding in general, and the fannish love that goes into them.


  1. Discord Days (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) by mmmandarinorange
  2. Clear the Area (The X-Files) by astarte
  3. Hurricane (Battlestar Galactica/Farscape) by [personal profile] laurashapiro
  4. Blank Space (Doctor Who) by [personal profile] purplefringe and [personal profile] such_heights
  5. Republic City (The Legend of Korra)by [personal profile] beccatoria
  6. You & I Sail (Only Lovers Left Alive) by [personal profile] violace 
  7. Keep The Streets Empty For Me (Twilight) by [personal profile] chaila
  8. All of Me (due South) by [personal profile] kuwdora 
  9. Carry Your Throne (Captive Prince) by Rhea314
  10. Sky Is Open (Ms Marvel/Avengers) by Garrideb ([personal profile] garrideb)
  11. When Brakes Get Wet (Code Name Verity) by thatfangirl
  12. I'm Your Man (Multi) by Charmax ([personal profile] charmax)
  13. Holding Out for a Hero (Wonder Woman) by [personal profile] chaila 
  14. Hold Me (Håll Om Mig) (Princess Tutu) by Marisa Panaccio


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