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Along with the other members of the OTW's Board of Directors and representatives from several other committees, I spent the first weekend of October in Maryland for the 2014 Board retreat. All in all, we had a really good, productive, and encouraging time. Everyone who attended left convinced that the changes we discussed will make the OTW a stronger and much more functional organization, while at the same time extending our capacities both internally and externally. I think in three years we're going to be in a very different, and much better, position.

I'm aware that there are a lot of conspiracy theories going around about the meeting; obviously, given my position, I don't think they're particularly well-founded, but I can certainly understand how people would be worried. Nor do I really expect that anyone with these worries will be particularly inclined to take my word for it on any of these matters. But I did want to register that in my view what the OTW has accomplished this far is even more remarkable in light of all the problems it has had, and that the credit for that entirely goes to the people who've been involved with it. Hats off to all of us, and to all of you.


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