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Oct. 17th, 2017 20:13
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Kate Elliott, Buried Heart (2017)
(and "Bright Thrones," the novella between #2 and #3)

I can say even less about Heart than about Blade, its predecessor. This is one of the rare times when I like the middle book best of a trilogy. I think that the YA-ness of this trilogy has limited (by complexity and book-space) the treatment of relevant social issues raised by the story; it is good that they are raised, but several choices in #3 make sense to me only because the book is YA and needs a relatively small number of characters. Things have fitting ends within that constraint, but I'm not quite satisfied. Still a good read.
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First (1.), a question: every sewing blog that mentions "interfacing" shows something that's essentially plastic, and the bit of fusible interfacing I've seen in person is the same. What was used in its place before polymers seeped into daily life? Something like organza/organdy?
And: it's pretty clearly a Western European-based tradition to use interfacing. Do pre-colonial-influence sewing conventions in other parts of the world do something similar---is it actually generally useful for a neckline---or does W Euro-influenced sewing assume that interfacing is necessary because it's become commonplace and unquestioned? (I have to question the casual inclusion of dairy or wheat all the bloody time now, so I feel free to question this, too.) I mean general tunic and vest shapes, excluding anything ultra-fancy for one-time wear.

2. Status: I didn't knit much this week despite ample opportunity because dry fall air and raging fires a county or two over == chapped hands, rough enough to snag worsted-weight wool, never mind a laceweight wool/silk blend.

3. After ten minutes failing to revisit Stardew Valley productively (there was a plan and I'm happy to have forgotten it), I've begun playing Torment: Tides of Numenera at last.
Current reading, btw: Axie Oh's Neo Seoul, YA with a near-future dystopian setting. I love the fact that the title is a pun: in English, neo = new, two syllables; in Korean, reading neo as monosyllabic , it's a near-homophone for English "no soul." Thank you for letting so many things stand, Lee & Low (publishers).

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These are very gossipy shallow reactions, but maybe I will get back into the swing of posting, who knows.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S03E01 )

Jane the Virgin S04E01 )
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The Good Place is such a delight I don't even know how to talk about it. All I want to do is burble.

If you're not watching it, it's a half-hour afterlife comedy about a slacker (Kristen Bell) who has been accidentally misassigned to the "Good Place" (Heaven) after her death, and has to keep the mistake secret from the powers that be (Ted Danson), while trying to figure out how to be a good person -- or at least a good enough person not to stick out. Fortunately for her, she's assigned a soulmate (William Harper Jackson) who was an ethics professor in life.

I don't know how to convince you to watch this. The show is so much stranger, more surreal, and sillier than the setup portends. It is hilarious and moving; it burns through plot like a brushfire (avoid spoilers, I mean it); and the cast is so good, I mean, they are so amazing, not just Bell and Danson, but newcomers like Jackson and D'Arcy Carden as an omniscient database and Jameela Jamil as a socialite philanthropist and Manny Jacinto as a surprising sweetheart. The first season is streaming on Netflix and the second season is airing now.

Spoiler note: the numbering for this season is confusing, since some sources consider the first hour, aired together in a single night, as a single episode. I don't. The latest episode I discuss below the spoiler cut aired 10/12/17.

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Oct. 10th, 2017 20:24
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Julie Weisenberger, Cocoknits Sweater Workshop (2017): like Herzog's Fit to Flatter and its sequel, Knit Wear Love, this workshop walks the reader through an analysis of women's upper-body garment parts, offers some broad suggestions about balancing proportions, and provides customizable patterns with further suggestions for modification. Herzog brings a computer security specialist's algorithmic mentality and a few years of knitwear design to the process; Weisenberger has been designing garments professionally for several decades, and it shows in the patterns' gentle twists upon the basics. (Herzog's are already outdated, to my eye. Too much trend, not enough basic.) There's a master worksheet for gathering up stitch counts for the shoulder/yoke/sleeve.

Notably, Weisenberger's patterns use a clever top-down pickup method to shape the yoke. Read more... )

fiber monday

Oct. 8th, 2017 21:50
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Status: rediscovered incomplete Switch sock (tube with closing flap made from leftover sock yarn for partner's Nintendo Switch) under the pi shawl and decided to finish it. Note to self: though there wasn't enough yarn (two vaguely compatible greys) to crochet the Switch sock, the crocheted Vita sock is definitely more suitable than this knitted Switch sock; if similar objects are needed, arrange to crochet.

Also, I'd been knitting slower and slower because both my main projects are large, where progress can't be seen. Took a break to make half a toddler-sized vest. The intended recipient is only six months old, but half a vest with obvious progress made me feel better. :/ The second half awaits the next time I can't stand k,p,k,p sleeves or the fragile, misshapen beret-bag that the pi shawl has become.

Temporarily, I don't knit for Reason because she snapped my working yarn again a few weeks ago. Same consequence as the second time, since it's been three years since then: nothing for her for two months. I doubt she'll do it again, given the warning that a fourth infraction will yield a four-month hiatus. If you want to test strength, ask for scraps. Nonetheless---since the ban expires near US Thanksgiving, and since we'll be at MIL's for the holiday, I have prepared something for her as the traveling project (wooden needles, minimal other tools) because MIL is happy when I knit for other people, not for myself. :P Easy enough to intersect. MIL's mother crocheted and sewed, but MIL didn't learn.

Also! Reason and I have gone to something like a county fair. It's hosted by a town, not the county---half fiber fest, half ovine-focused livestock event (mostly sheep with a few alpacas here and there, both the animals and their detached fleeces).

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Yuletide comes but once a year

Oct. 8th, 2017 21:17
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This is probably the right time to mention that I'm not signing up for Yuletide this year.

I've been doing Yuletide since 2006, with the only gap being in 2007 when I was busy submitting my thesis (and even that year, somebody wrote me an NYR, so I feel that I participated in spirit). My love for Yuletide is, in theory, undimmed. But.

Work has been utterly mad recently, and is likely to stay that way until mid-November at least. More importantly, my love for Yuri!!! on Ice is still flaring, and I seem to be in the middle of a fic that's likely to be 25k+ when it's finished. (I've just posted chapter 2, go and read!) I am absolutely positively not letting anything get in the way of finishing this fic, including Yuletide. It needs to be finished by Christmas, ideally by the end of November, and without a doubt by the time that the 2018 Olympics actually happen.

Finally, I have to admit that I feel a little relieved at the notion of flying home for my Christmas holidays this year with absolutely nothing hanging over my head, not even a Yuletide story to be posted.

I'll be cheering all of you on; I'll be reading and bookmarking letters; I'll definitely hang out in chat from mid-December on; and if the fates align, I'll try to pick up a treat or two. But as for the rest of it... maybe next year. Alas.

[Daily happiness]

Oct. 8th, 2017 01:40
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1. Got to walk around the Panhandle, which was fun, and found a game store and an indie comics store—will have to remember to go there again to get Christmas presents for CB's niece and nephews.

2. Rewatched the musical sequences of La La Land, which are really great (Except the singing! Why?!). The opening number in particular is really impressive and all in one take too! There's something about lots of people dancing in unison that is extremely satisfying on a very deep level for me.

3. Went to CB's friend's place and had tasty prime rib and creme brulee mocha cake from 85°C and was social, which was nice.


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