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Now that it's a month away and the schedule has been posted, I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be speaking again this year at SGMS 2011 at MCAD in Minneapolis, which has been rebooted and reimagined as the Mechademia Conference.

“Fighting with a Dead God: Tezuka’s Tetsuwan Atomu, Urasawa Naoki’s Pluto, and the History of Manga”

Manga critic Ito Gô may have famously declared in the title of his 2005 book that Tezuka Is Dead. But even a cursory perusal of contemporary manga, and writings about manga, shows that Tezuka’s influence continues to be strongly felt by present-day creators. Prominent manga creator Urasawa Naoki, the celebrated author of Monster and 20th Century Boys, created Pluto, based on an arc of the Tezuka manga Tetsuwan Atomu (better known in the United States as Astro Boy) which was released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the eponymous Atom’s in-story creation. Examining both manga through the lens of Ito’s “modernist and postmodernist” critical approaches, this presentation will seek to evaluate what Atomu and Pluto reveal today about manga’s history, its present, and its possible futures.

My friend Sandra Annett will be speaking on “World Conflict/World Conference: Gender, Industry, and Transcultural Fandom in Hetalia: Axis Powers” at the same conference, as will my collaborator Alex Leavitt, on “The Cult of Hatsune Miku: Creative Peer Production & ‘Open Source’ Culture,” and many other friends, colleagues, and all around awesome people--too many to list, by far.

Whether you can make it to the conference or not, I highly encourage you to check out Sandy's dissertation, "Animating Transcultural Communities: Animation Fandom in North America and East Asia from 1906-2010." I had the privilege of reading it in draft, and I can confidently state that if you're interested in anime, animation, or fandom, you'll find a lot to interest you. More info and the abstract at this post.


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