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Jun. 21st, 2017 07:37
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I have read, a bit: Lee's Ninefox Gambit (edged past midpoint), the very opening of Cleeves's White Nights, most of a cookbook. There is one book post, but it ought to wait till after the post for Gambit, which was begun first. Less fog than two weeks ago.

Current reading: two of those aren't finished, and I'd like to clear enough fog to finish them. I do not like this thing whereby my mind slides off reading with each retry.

fiber monday

Jun. 18th, 2017 23:20
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* Either Mayapple or Rendezvous will be the fancy shawl for my thirty-year high-school reunion a few years hence, not because I care about reunions per se but because . . . planning ahead is how I tend to live, I just don't knit that many fancy shawls, I need a project on wooden needles for travel next month, and I'm likely to be able to fit into the same black-with-machine-embroidery sheath dress I wore to the ten- and twenty-year reunions; thus I know which colors would coordinate. Heh. (The ghost shawl's colors wouldn't suit the sheath, for example, because it's partly brown.) I expect to knit both and use them for casual-office wear as well. Mayapple: dark blue-green in linen; Rendezvous: dark olive in wool/silk. The dress's machine embroidery is mostly bronze-toned, but it's hard to match warm yellowish tones in yarn. For the twentieth reunion I made a laceweight wool/silk shawl in a ruddy color that's hard to photograph. This image by someone else looks about right---a light reddish-purple that isn't pink at all and shows browner than it ought---but with the facial rash that never fades, I don't want it. So, that's that sorted. Or Uncia would work, since I've begun it in a lavenderish purple-grey. *shrugs*

I refuse on principle to work on clothing for me while at the office. People ought not to imagine what I may look like in something, nor invite themselves to comment. Ick. Shawls are easy, however.

* Reason's misconduct has extended the orange cardigan's pause to eight weeks from six, hence this rethinking of production sequence.

* ___Sand has reached the lower "hem," which is actually a 6+" = 16+ cm slip-stitch extravaganza that keeps reinjuring one finger. After that come pockets, the front non-button band, and icord bind-off, so there's plenty left to do. Most of me thinks a cotton-blend cardigan is worthwhile; that one finger hates everything.

* People have been musing upon #summerofbasics this month, things to make that could be worn frequently in multiple permutations. Perhaps I'll find some thoughts for next week.

* The current issue of knit/crochet mag Amirisu, whose articles are translated jp --> en by an anglophone Japanese person, includes this: "we imagined BUAISOU to be a group of snobs and hip creators, but in fact, they are down-to-earth, indigo otaku" (p. 16). I had not expected "otaku" as the end of the sentence (though the contrast is clear) given the hard-working nature of any indigo dyer and, especially, given how "otaku" has shifted in anglophone fandoms, notably video-game contexts. Right. From later in the same article, same page: "it took them six months to dye the first batch of yarn." It's not because they're lazy shut-ins, eh?

fiber monday

Jun. 11th, 2017 21:31
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Ghost shawl has reached a temporary "Why even bother" halt---perhaps so-called mosaic knitting, new to me, bores me---but instead of ___Sand, Reason's second orange cardigan has come out again. Now the sleeve caps and torso have been split, and there's part of a body and a sleeve. They're enough to prove that this size will do, provided that I finish the cardigan for fall 2017 and don't dawdle further. I'd totally have undone the upper third in favor of the next size up if needed: we want a functional orange cardigan, not a symbol.

(The first orange cardigan was lost soon after I'd lengthened its body, a bit more than a year ago. Since then, and after a great deal of verbal reinforcement and encouragement, Reason has lost only a sunhat, as clothing and accessories go. Not too bad. I have tended not to lose things, even while in Reason's age-range, from a variety of habits/tricks and from being able to visualize where something was last. The tricks I can teach, at least.)

And then the orange cardi has been put away for six weeks due to ...gross misconduct, two days running. (Don't hit, kick, or bite me.) Ghost shawl will be pretty and not warm---the merino yarn has been processed too much---but I ought to finish it before tackling a more useful one, right? I've learned something about rates of increase from it, at least.

It turns out that I have another infant hat to crochet after all, for the expected child of one of partner's longest-term friends. The only yarn I had left in the right weight class is a dull brown, but this hat ought to look suitable for a kid whose parents produce/direct videos and whose second cousin is a runway model. :P Now I have a skein of on-trend speckled mess in superwash wool. Excellent. (This kind, except I bought it elsewhere and my skein has more blue/green.) Looks acceptable when crocheted; would look better when knitted, and Reason already has Plans (for me to execute) for the remainder ... 6+ weeks hence. I'll suggest a chunky version of this or this.


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