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Picked this up in Oxfam, having seen the original French version recommended in language learning forums. (Someday...)

I hadn't heard of Marguerite Yourcenar before this, but she have been a sort of Belgian Mary Renault. Mid-century female writer, bisexual, spent most of her life living abroad with a female partner, wrote historical novels about gay men in the ancient world. (New Yorker article about her)

Her style (or the translation, which was done by her partner) is self-consciously literary in a way that makes Mary Renault look like the middlebrow hack writer that she was. (Kidding, except in the sense that I'm not.)

And although I'm not that far through the book, she seems to have had a rather more humane outlook than Renault. An interesting read.

I'm running a WisCon Workshop!

Apr. 25th, 2017 13:36
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Friends! I have been suckered into running a workshop at WisCon! If you are attending, please consider signing up! I promise it'll be a good conversation and not too much prep!

If you are a writer-type who usually does a Friday writer's workshop, never fear--since mine is on Sunday, there is no conflict with other workshops. Panels are another story. Here's the info:

How to Read Tiptree Winners as Models for Resistance — Sunday, 4-5:45pm

Resistance is so vital to our survival right now. Join this session to participate in a discussion of how stories — specifically, Tiptree-winning stories — can serve as a lens for how to enact resistance. Let’s keep each other alive. This session will accommodate 8 people.

There's plenty of room, and signups end today! Please check to make sure you're registered for WisCon, then email the coordinator at to reserve a spot.

Meme via everyone

Apr. 24th, 2017 19:15
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Reblog if it’s okay for your followers to leave you an ask telling you what the one thing is they remember you for as a writer. Is it a scene or a detail or a specific line? Is it something like style or characterization? Is it that one weird kink they never thought they’d be into, but oh my god wow self-discovery time?

Vid/AMV recs?

Apr. 23rd, 2017 22:42
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Thinking of putting together a playlist for the Wiscon Vid Party on morally ambiguous and ambitious women. Anyone have recs for vids or AMVs that showcase power-hungry women? POC characters or characters from games or anime preferred. I'd especially love something on Kuvira from Legend of Korra, Lady Eboshi from Princess Mononoke or Kushana from Nausicaa.

Also, I am feeling old... where does one go to look for vids nowadays? I did find a fair amount of Kuvira vids on YouTube, but nothing I liked so far, and's search is incredibly frustrating.

Currently on the list: [personal profile] feedingonwind's A New Day (Mariah, Luke Cage), [personal profile] shati's Hope on Fire (Mishil, Queen Seondeok), [personal profile] starlady's Shuang Nu (Wu Zetian, Detective Dee).

fiber monday

Apr. 23rd, 2017 22:18
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I want to knit myself a longish cardigan. Reason has asked very nicely whether she might take Cajsa after hearing that it's hard for me to style, to the minimal extent that I care about such things. Though its length is the right thing for my proportions, it looks silly with my shirts, all of which are too long, natch, and I can't tuck them because jeans and slacks never fit my middle (three ways). Because its sleeves aren't full length on me, for her they're wrist-ish, and the difference in shoulder breadth looks charmingly 1980s drop-shoulder on her. Ridiculous. I couldn't have made Cajsa longer due to a lack of yardage, but it's still ridiculous.

At least I know that that manner of knitting neckline-to-armpit fits me and befits me. ___Sand aside (whose CC2 yarn reached me only yesterday), and Little Wave aside (nearly at armpit from bottom up, thanks to a simple motif, though sleeves are next before a complex-sounding yoke join), a plan is taking shape to adapt a not-long cardigan pattern for fingering-weight yarn. I'll have at least five years before Reason could try to seize a longish cardigan from me, by which time I may want to part with one or more of them---who knows. It may be a lot of cardigans, but I haven't managed to keep anything yet (2.Naima, the vest that went to my mother, now Cajsa) and one of my two three-season jackets has begun to wear out visibly. Why not a lot of cardigans, to disrupt a storm-grey jacket and a mushroom-grey jacket and a few flannel shirts. I'd wear a blazer beyond formal talks if they ever fit

Apparently, there's enough remaindered yarn for two garments, despite a few skeins' inclusion in a blanket years ago. (The blanket I'd first set out to crochet, then undone, was a fisher/cabled thing; the blanket that exists is a striped ripple that stopped small because, ah, too heavy to make, the year after I turned 21 and joint woe started to interrupt my sleep sometimes.) I had no idea what thirty 50g skeins of aran-weight wool could be for, back then. It's lucky that it's still in good shape and that I've learned a bit since.

some things

Apr. 23rd, 2017 14:04
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* Before the Ace Attorney team spun off Gyakuten Kenji (Ace Attorney Investigations) featuring Edgeworth, there was a plan to focus the game on Ema Skye instead. AAI was all right, but zomg, there could've been an Ema = Akane game. Nnngh, as Edgeworth says sometimes in the US localization.

* It's a bit wacky to find that several writers whose Ace Attorney fics I find tolerable have also written for Persona 4 and/or The World Ends with You. Read more... )

* Total change in topic! MRI result: Read more... )

* Still coughing.
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Spent the afternoon watching Alejandro Valverde annihilate the rest of the competition at Liège–Bastogne–Liège. I tell a lie, he did it in the last minute, but it was conclusive. No sign of him for the whole race, and then he cruised majestically ahead on the final climb as if no other outcome had ever been possible. He's won six out of the eight races he's entered this year, and the two that he lost (coming in second and ninth) were very minor prep races.

And he's achieved this at thirty-seven, which is distinctly over the hill by cycling standards. All you can say is that the two year doping suspension in 2010 does not seem to have cramped his style.

When asked by an interviewer afterwards, "at thirty-seven years old, how do you explain your physical form?" he just grinned and shrugged and said "nature."

The terrible thing is that I'm rooting for him. I loved watching him slug it out with Alberto Contador, another aging (read: my age) former doper from days of yore, at the Volta a Catalunya earlier this year. Because whatever you may say, they're both characters and they both race like they mean it. I'm starting to feel that my hatred of Lance Armstrong is primarily because he's a jerk and not because he was a doper. (With a side of reaction against the sentimental adulation that he got in the U.S.)

Anyway, it's cycling, what can you expect? Sagan has had a mediocre spring, so I have to root for someone. All I can say is that the Tour is going to be interesting.

More observations

Apr. 23rd, 2017 08:22
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• There is now, finally, a YoI community on Dreamwidth, [community profile] yurionicefans.

• Pressing onwards with French learning, or at least with Lingvist, which I'm actually enjoying. Last time I tried it, I felt like I got bogged down in endless variants of "peux, tuer, veux, viens..." (or words of that shape), but I seem to have pressed on past that now. It tells me I've learned 538 words so far. If you devote 15 minutes a day, it's really easy to add 20+ words a day, which adds up. We'll see how it all hangs together.

• Waiting with bated breath for the results of the first round of the French Presidential election. Among other things, looking for informed discussion has reminded me how American-centric Metafilter is. The US Presidential elections produced 5000+ comment threads, every few days, for months. The corresponding French thread has 33 comments. So I am watching BFM TV via Worldbox (a fantastic resource hidden within the depths of channel 834 by Virgin Media), even though I don't really understand it.

It'd be safest if you ran...

Apr. 22nd, 2017 20:23
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After a blah week, I seem to have recovered my motivation and energy levels. Which is good because I'm feeling inspired! Why, you ask?

Because Kohske's health has recovered enough that she can resume work on Gangsta again. It resumes serialization next month! Pretty excited. The Cursed spin-off is tiding me over and it's a perfectly fine prequel, but you can tell it's not Kohske. Kohske just has this amazing ability to pack subtext and nuance in her illustrations without having to rely on text or even flashy, obvious action (which Cursed is full of). Some of her most powerful panels don't have a single word in them at all -- the scene where Nicolas listens to Alex sing by pressing his ear against the speaker...and then you later see him jumping off the roof humming to himself, the scene where Alex holds Nicolas's hands even though you can see the bruises he accidentally left behind when he grabbed her in the throes of a seizure. So I am excited even though I am terrified to see what happens next, Worick, god, what did you do.

Since the manga's hiatus is ending, I've resentfully returned to Tumblr because that's where the fandom is. I have a couple ideas for fic & if I want any audience whatsoever, I need to promote them there. In terms of platform, there is a Gangsta DW community -- [community profile] gangsta_manga -- but it's a ghost town and I'm not sure if the mod is even around anymore. Maybe I'll start posting to the community? Sharing the latest news seems to be a good way to start. It's just a little depressing to post to a community of 2 though. I reach more people posting here! Which doesn't solve the problem. Hmm.

In other, somewhat more embarrassing, news, I seem to have fallen into Overwatch fandom. I don't even play videogames, let alone this one! But so many people I know are into it, so I decided to check it out. It doesn't take a lot of time because there's not much canon lore to pick up, it turns out. The cutscenes from Devil May Cry are a billion times longer!

Anyway, a lot of these usernames I'm seeing now make sense! And in even more embarrassing news, the fanart I've been seeing of what I thought to be an AU Korra? Not Korra at all. Explains why this AU Korra was remarkably consistent among different artists! Oh God. Not one of my most stellar moments, let me tell you. My shame is your entertainment for the evening.


Apr. 22nd, 2017 11:55
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[community profile] rareshipsonice is now open for nominations. I swore that I wasn't going to take part in any Yuri on Ice!!! exchanges, but the minimum for fic is only 500 words, so you know. I was deeply saddened to apparently be the first one to nominate Yakov/Lilia.

• You haven't lived until you've seen a very tall, very substantial female opera singer, still in costume at a break in rehearsal, vigorously shaking a vending machine to get it to dispense her crisps. Shades of Elsa Strauss.

• Same opera company: I love how formal (if binary-gendered) their backstage calls are. "This is a call for Act Three beginners. Mr. Robertson, Sir Mark, ladies and gentlemen of the orchestra, ladies and gentlemen of the chorus. Act Three beginners, please."

• A British man said to me recently, "you have an interesting accent, where are you from?" and then looked surprised when I said "New England." He was apparently going to guess "in the vicinity of Belfast." This is not entirely surprising, as Northern Irish accents often sound oddly American to me, but I'm flattered to be guessed to be within the compass of the British Isles at last.

• Usually I find it challenging to find jeans, or any kind of trousers, that actually fit. For some reason, at the moment, I'm on a run of good luck at Oxfam. I have too many jeans now, but I can't pass anything up if it suits me, because who knows when this profusion of choice will come again?

• Interestingly, and partly relatedly, my local Oxfam seems to have acquired the dead stock of a women's skateboarding shop from 2005... I don't even know. I now have two pairs of jeans, bought as new with tags still on them, which... I almost want to call them breeches? They're quite roomy around the hips and thighs, and cropped just below the knee, where they narrow down quite dramatically. You might say that they tread that narrow line between 'interestingly eccentric' and 'total fashion disaster,' but I quite like them. 100% cotton, too, which you can never get these days!

Formalized mathematics

Apr. 21st, 2017 17:09
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Now reading Freek Wiedijk's comparison of seventeen computational proof assistant systems: (1) HOL, (2) Mizar, (3) PVS, (4) Coq, (5) Otter/Ivy, (6) Isabelle/Isar, (7) Alfa/Agda, (8) ACL2, (9) PhoX, (10) IMPS, (11) Metamath, (12) Theorema, (13) Lego, (14) Nuprl, (15) Ωmega, (16) B method, and (17) Minlog.

DW Anniversary

Apr. 19th, 2017 08:04
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There seems to be a flurry of DW anniversary posts going around. Looking at my profile page, I realized my journal's was earlier this month:
Created on 2009-04-01 14:12:36 (#9039), last updated 2017-04-16 (2 days ago)
14,650 comments received, 12,322 comments posted
1,231 Journal Entries, 195 Tags, 0 Memories, 107 Icons

I've been here on and off over the years, but I keep coming back. (As you can see.) I don't regret coming here. I don't regret getting a seed account in that first wave.

Let's see what the future brings!
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Joy Totah Hilden, Bedouin Weaving of Saudi Arabia and Its Neighbours: may even have been 2015, not 2016. Ahem. If the book is as it says, it's an enormously important contribution to documenting how things could be discerned during the 1980s, when the author did her fieldwork. (I can't gauge.)

Susan Whitfield, Life along the Silk Road (2d ed., 2015): these are reconstructive stories by a historian, the current director of the Int'l Dunhuang Project, which I mentioned very briefly in 2010. It's great, at least as far as I got: the copy I was reading was in, so my access vanished when I resigned from my former job. Since I'm still whittling down my research-library borrowings (there's a limit to how many times I may renew with my current status), I haven't sought a paper copy yet.

Carol Feller, Short Row Knits: knitting how-to book interspersed with illustrative patterns. I'll never have Feller's knack for design or fit, but none of the skills/tactics were new to me, unexpectedly. Also, though we're about the same size, I know now that we're not the same garment size at all and her standalone Bakersville pattern will probably never work for me. More unmodifiability.

Anne Sibley O'Brien, The Legend of Hong Gildong: children's picture book. O'Brien grew up in Korea from age seven as the child of white Christian missionaries during the 1960s; of the half-dozen colonializing texts I've read so far by white Christians constructing their own Koreas, this is the friendliest, most sympathetic, least bad. FWIW. Her autobio essay interests me for acknowledging culture shock upon her return to the US for college: of course, yet few individuals seem to have the ?courage to discuss more than one direction of it. (Note that O'Brien also discusses her subsequent adoption of a Korean child in the linked essay.)
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It's been over 3 months since my first set of YoI recs... how on earth did that happen? At that point I felt I was basically answering the question "has any good fic been written in this fandom?" Now we're around 15,000 fics in, and I hesitate to think how many of those I've at least peeked at. What that means is the question has evolved significantly to, "what has stayed with you?"

I haven't repeated any of the fics that I recommended the first time around, though there were some where I dearly wanted to. ('Vodka Tonic'...)

I also note that this is a somewhat... diverse set of fics. Partly this is a reflection of my own taste but partly I suspect it's easier to find that one Sara/Mila fic memorable than it is to remember exactly which Victor-and-Yuuri-in-Hasetsu fic you thought was the really great one. (Because there are definitely some great ones out there.) In short, like Victor, I've prioritised being surprised. Other themes include lack of communication/communication barriers, and Victor's insecurities (for a change).

I'd imagined that I'd left detailed, rapturous comments on each and every one of these. But I haven't. Damn. Maybe that's my next task.

Maybe it started like this by dance_across
A very good fic with a truly excellent third chapter. You could call this a PWP – it's also one of the best Victor character studies I've read. I loved the unpredictability of Victor and Yuuri's interactions here, the ways in which it doesn't go like a cliched romantic encounter.

Call everything on the ice by shysweetthing
The one where Victor is secretly learning Japanese. The author does such a good job of getting across the feeling of a language barrier, and one that's rapidly diminishing. And the language barrier as a metaphor for Victor and Yuuri's relationship. I'm not a fan of the last chapter (Harry Potter epilogue territory) but that's a minor quibble.

here's to the glory still to be by foxfireflamequeen
A sixteen-year-old Victor time travels to the present, and he and Yuri Plisetsky turn out to understand each another like no one else could. Teenage Victor is not a nice person, really, and I know this upset some readers, but heavens this packs a punch. I spent basically a whole day thinking about this fic after first reading it.

Life unwoven by Rougeandtonic
Another time travel fic (younger Yuuri into the future, older Yuuri into the past), which I probably shouldn't rec yet because there are only three chapters so far. But I'm already fascinated by the way that it's using timetravel to unpick the dynamics of the relationship between Victor and Yuuri. ( "You know, I never told you that." "Told me what?" "That I hadn't meant to ask you to marry me.")

Let me get close enough by stardropdream
One of my favourite of the first-time-in-Hasetsu fics. I can't articulate what it is, but I'm really fond of it.

Cast me gently into morning, for the night has been unkind by Merrily_Merrily
Slow burn JJ/Yuri P fic, beautifully done and beautifully paced – which you can rarely say about an incomplete 50k fic, but this one reads like a novel. Worth a try whether or not you think you like the pairing.

And baby makes three by nevermetawolf
Read this and was 100% sold on the idea of a Victor who absolutely longs for a baby.

tu étais formidable, j’étais fort minable by neomeruru
Victor and Yuuri, as an established couple, bring Chris into the equation. Basically a PWP, but with Feelings. And just the right amount of negotiation, not too little and (crucially) not too much.

Rain down on me by ineptshieldmaid
A study on kink and miscommunication, with a Victor who has his own vulnerabilities and insecurities around his return to competition.

RPF on the Rocks by pendrecarc
A figure skating RPF primer from the YoI universe, just before the Sochi Grand Prix Final. I basically want to read everything described here, with the exception of the Crispinocest.

Father Figure by naomin
A very young Yuri Plisetsky meets Victor for the first time, and imagines that Victor is his father. This is so far from the usual 'smol son' trope, with an equally immature Victor who causes the mess in the first place.

rise intact by cordialcount
Mila/Sara with amazing, evocative detail in the writing.

icebreaker by cesare
A guilty pleasure, but my favourite example of the "retired Yuuri's classmates have no idea he was a figure skating star" trope.

cycling by faelicy
Victor realises that he hasn't forgiven Yuuri for Barcelona. Short, but this has a wonderful impact to it, and not in a simplistic way either.

on love by glambus
Yakov and Lilia discuss Yuri Plisetsky's exhibition skate over drinks. Yuri and Otabek aren't the only ones who are getting closer. Man, I wish there were more Yakov/Lilia...

And finally, this is figure skating RPF and not YoI at all, but I figured I'd throw it in for good measure...

Be One Traveler by harriet_vane
Nearly 30k engaging words about what happens why Evan Lysacek (Johnny Weir's biggest rival, presumed straight) wakes up one morning in a universe where he and Johnny are living together.
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My new favorite AO3 tag is Period-Typical Homophobia aka, where you go if you want queer historical AUs that are remotely historically accurate.

Because if you follow most tags for historical AUs you get a lot of stories set in magical versions of the past where everything's the same except there's no homophobia and men marrying each other left, right and center.

Which is a form of wish fulfillment. And lord knows I don't begrudge anyone their preferred form of wish fulfillment. But it's a very heteronormative form of wish fulfillment.

And it's just that that's not the wish I'm going to fic to have fulfilled. Because, well, I'm very queer. And when I'm reading queer romances it's a very queer kind of wish fulfillment I'm looking for.

When I go to queer historical fiction, whether published or fanfic, what I'm looking for is the reminder -- the hope -- that there have always been people like me in this world and that, no matter the circumstances set against us, we have always found love and been loved in return.

I believe this. I have to believe this. Some days that belief is the only thing that I can hang on to. We are here, we have always been here, and we will always be here. And we will be happy.

fiber monday

Apr. 16th, 2017 21:41
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* Contemporary knit/crochet patterns in multiple hues often come with directions split into MC (main color), CC1 (contrast color 1), CC2, CC3, etc. The ___Sand cardigan is on hold because CC2 won't play with MC and CC1 after all; it's too assertive. Reason called it first, as expected, though she had no useful thoughts on a milder replacement color (I did). Several rows in CC2 have been undone. *awaits delivery* Local shops don't sell the yarn I've decided to use, unfortunately.

* Reason's hooded vest has vaulted through eighteen rows of irritating cables. I will probably always prefer lace to cables, though I've become comfortable with skipping a third needle/holder for cable < 4 sts. And then the curse struck: my child tried on one-third of a vest, neckline to mid-rib, and she said, "It's . . . snug already?" True. We have undone one-third of a vest in size 8-9 for a child who wears a size 7 T-shirt, and I have restarted in size 10-12 and I DON'T CARE. The garment's length is adjustable.

* At that point, what with my still being ill but no longer marginal, something went screw it. I've cast on for Little Wave with the remaindered yarn I bought before I ever had a yarn stash, during college. The yarn was supposed to become a throw/lap blanket, but at the time I knew only how to crochet---too heavy. It has also failed to become my first cardigan (2011), a pullover for me, and a dress for Reason---respectively wrong style, too warm, too warm. A blockish cardigan seems reasonable (in time for hot flashes a few years hence? but a front-opening garment in aran-weight yarn is certainly more reasonable than a pullover).
Little Wave's directions can yield a men's- or women's-style garment with the same chest circumference-measurement sizing intervals. Since I'm knitting as written from the lower hem up, there's time to decide which armscye directions to use; the men's version has an extra inch of depth and a wider upper arm, and I may need that despite exceeding row gauge slightly. :P

(no subject)

Apr. 16th, 2017 09:35
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The current surge in DW activity has been giving me warm fuzzies. I hope it persists! Maybe the recent newcomers will bring more activity to communities? Because of the way DW was founded and opened, activity tended to be centered in individual journals rather than communities. Speaking as someone who used to get 50+ comments on her posts back in the heyday of journal-based fandom. I don't know if we'll ever reach that point again, what with Tumblr and Twitter and all, but I guess we'll see.

For now, here are a couple friending memes!

some context

Apr. 16th, 2017 14:43
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The context of the thinking about definite descriptions and free logic might put you off, or it might excite you. I think you can ignore the context and focus on the technical questions if you prefer.

The context is a line of thinking about the ontological argument in Anselm's Proslogion 2 that I've been pursuing since the late seventies. Since '83, a lot of the thinking and writing has been done in conversation with Ed Zalta.

It's going to be interesting to figure out how to typeset these entries. A while back I suggested that we allow MathJax on DW, but I don't think that was done. Folk who are typesetting technical stuff in your journals, how are you doing it?

definite descriptions

Apr. 16th, 2017 14:34
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Most of the authorities agree that adding a term-forming operator to a language to represent definite descriptions ought to be a conservative extension. There seems to be an interesting argument that can be captured in a language with descriptions but not in a language without. So this is now being investigated. (This is joint work with Ed Zalta of Stanford, and I hope to start presenting preliminary thoughts soon in the Adelaide Logic Seminar. If it's not a wind egg, I'll probably say something about it at the AAL meeting in July.)


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