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We may have found the underlying cause of the heart murmur, and the reason we can't seem to get his diabetes to stabilize, and why he's been so successful at losing the extra weight: he's hyperthyroid.

Excuse me while I headdesk for a while over my expensive damn cat.

They're running a second test on his blood to confirm the hyperthyroidism and if that comes back positive then I guess we get to add one more med to the daily regime.

some things

Dec. 2nd, 2016 20:05
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* La lenguaje de Potter es universal: unexpected use of quasi-fanfic FTW. My current test plan (dayjob) uses HP characters for a few user scenarios. Colleagues recognize the names, since they're all younger than I, and their prior impression of what e.g. "Arthur and Molly" might do while interacting with our product keeps my scenarios short, 1-2 sentences. (My prior understanding of fanon curveballs keeps my scenarios from stepping on anyone accidentally, I hope.) For the most part I don't write fiction, but test scenarios have neither dialogue nor pacing....

The internet says that only Landmark Theaters locations use the "The language of film is universal" advertisement, but I'm pretty sure I didn't frequent Landmark during the 1980s---mostly AMC. hmm. In my memory they were often coupled with an LA Times advertisement.

* Kyung-hee Kim's 2013 doctoral thesis (PDF) is on tones in Korean---h/t Stack Exchange. Yum. The thesis is in English, though submitted to a German university.

* I have no idea why the hotel where I stayed for a night on a very intensive business trip made my hair smell faintly of nicotine cigarettes, when the bed itself didn't. (Two days one night, with meetings I'd scheduled back to back on the first day and an all-day orientation the second: up at 4 a.m. the first day, home and to bed near midnight the second.) (The separation-from-child dreams prior to it were sort of epic, though not as bad as stuff ensuing from early Nov.)

Known Issues Update 12/2

Dec. 2nd, 2016 10:21
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Dec. 2nd, 2016 15:25
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Posted by Andrea Horbinski

The most recent issue of Transformative Works and Cultures is a special issue

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focused on a topic that would have been unthinkable even a few years ago, namely, Transnational Boys’ Love Studies.

No tags for this post.

'tis the season...

Dec. 2nd, 2016 01:14
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...to need a distraction.

So, rec me your favorite Christmas/winter holiday songs/albums.

Download or streaming or youtube links preferred.

Any genre or style.

Please feel free to link other people to this post, I'd love to get a wide range of answers.


Dec. 2nd, 2016 00:47
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Because Dreadful needed more health issues, and I needed something else to fret about, in today's vet appointment they found that he has a heart murmur.

The vet is less worried than I am. For now we're checking for any underlying cause on the bloodwork we were already doing. Then we'll decide if we want to do an ultrasound. And either way she wants to see him again in three months to check on it again.

There's not really anything I can do right now, so of course I'm fretting rather a lot. Damn silly, expensive, vexing kitten.

(no subject)

Dec. 1st, 2016 12:14
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Dec. 1st, 2016 09:17
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Reminder: Downtime tomorrow

Nov. 30th, 2016 22:06
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another finality, 1 of 2

Nov. 30th, 2016 19:07
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Second Last Love = 끝에서 두번째 사랑 = Kkeuteseo dubeonjjae sarang (kdrama, 2016: 1-20 of 20 eps.): Korean remake of the Japanese show 最後から二番目の恋 = Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi. I have some trouble in English with the Korean show's title---Kang Min Ju, the female lead, wonders during ep. 1 whether she's let her last [chance of] love pass without knowing it, amidst her strong career focus and consequent successes as a tv exec. The show's main arc suggests not, and thus there's a second chance for one's last love, one that lasts. Naturally, male lead Go Sang Sik is set in parallel, though his sense of personal finality till now has a sadder, spoilery basis. ("두번째" is also in the title of Twenty Again, with a similar subtheme of reexamining youthful events.) Anyway, capsule: while trying to help with a colleague's currently filming drama, Min Ju soon finds that several characters with whom she must interact are related to Sang Sik, who presents one righteous obstacle after another. There is something comforting about a story in which both leads are known by their respective acquaintance for efficiency and effectiveness---she for fixing problems well, he for usually anticipating and avoiding them.

If I try again to comment on linguistic bits, I'll get something wrong again. Let's stick with easy things: Read more... )

Now I'll have to pick up the Japanese version. Probably just the first chunk, not also the special and the second season (oy). No sad underpinning for its male lead character, I hear, and only twelve episodes---it'll be interesting to see a different manner of concoction. The other show I considered before starting Last is Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi. Let's see how much displacement I need to sink, however, because I like Yi Yo Won and dislike Yun Sang Hyeon in equal measure.

I won't finish watching Incarnation of Jealousy. If it's been paused at the beginning of ep. 8 for two and a half months, well, reading recaps was more than enough. I do mean to return to Dear My Friends. Hey, let's make a proper list: also the current Chef jdrama, Jejungwon, Damo, Gourmet (maybe), Precious Family, Life Is BeautifulRiders: Catch Tomorrow (maybe), Sandglass, and Nirvana in Fire. My mother thinks that Dae Jang Geum should be on that list....
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santa freaking cruz

Nov. 29th, 2016 23:40
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Sally Goldenbaum, Moonlight on Monterey Bay (1994): three things persuaded me to read this book: its copyright date, its (minimal) relation to Silicon Valley, and its brevity. Most genre-romance novels are quick reads for me. Maddie is a high-level interior designer who dresses boho and speaks courteously yet directly, except for the one time she doesn't. Wossname, uh, Sam, owns the Santa Cruz house that Maddie wants to remodel in order that her avuncular colleague, Joseph, may sell their small operation and retire. Sam is a bottled-up Silicon Valley $$$naire, you see, and though he's said to work in a vast, shining building in San Jose, I bet someone meant Santa Clara given the proximity to the highway (presumably route 237). Doesn't matter---the rest of it is plausible and holds together, characters and worldbuilding alike, because Goldenbaum has a light hand. I just didn't care, but that's not her fault.

Goldenbaum credits several individuals for having helped to shape the book's sense of Santa Cruz. They've done a good job collectively---the author too. The book could be set then or now with minimal adjustments for quotidian tech levels, though then and now are not identical for either San Jose-ish or Santa Cruz-ish. Post subject arises from the surmise that twentysomething Maddie would've loved "freaking" as a modifier if she'd been written by someone of her own generation, as it were. Goldenbaum in 1994 must've been ever so slightly older than I am now.

As by-the-numbers romance novels go, I wish I liked this one actively because it managed not to annoy me except during that one time when Maddie wouldn't speak up, and that's attributable to by-the-numbers plot exigencies. Pretty good if this sort of thing pleases you, in other words. *shrug* The Seaside Knitters sequence has more depth despite having similarly shallow characters. Seaside's much larger cast of characters lends substance to what's meant to be a safe-feeling setting on both counts; for Moonlight we have to take that feeling on faith if it doesn't click into place. Part of it may be twenty years' more experience on Goldenbaum's part, but I think it isn't only that.

Also, for goodness' sake, if you must read a SV $$$naire story (#thisis2016), try Milan's Trade Me.

random question

Nov. 29th, 2016 07:21
inkstone: girl holding a bird over half her face (bird)
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Anyone have any recommendations for (free) online tutorials about Microsoft Access? Preferably for 2013. Thanks!
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We'll remind you Wednesday night, and again when the site is going into maintenance mode.

fiber monday

Nov. 27th, 2016 21:33
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Pocket planning is resolved on my vest: knit body to upper edge of decorative hem and pause; pick up saved stitches and knit pocket flap down thence; knit each pocket's bottom edge together with waiting body stitches (actually p2tog because it's on the "wrong" side); pass a long, narrow circular needle through the row; make the deco hem and use the long circ for three-needle bind-off; attach the pockets' to-be-closed sides while picking up stitches for the button band. Though I can sew reasonably neatly, I'm always impatient with sewing yarn and try to avoid it. It's not planning anymore: the two flaps have been knitted and joined, the deco hem turned, and the first few picked-up stitches for the button band are on a long circular needle.

Baby stuff for relative: hat's complete. Rectangular blanket, made corner to corner diagonally, is a big cotton triangle---its width hasn't been attained yet. The cardigan has had a knitting needle freed up and allocated, but its start will await the birth because I'm superstitious that way; it's to be ± yearling-sized anyway.

Masterclass vest for my mother: clearly not to be a solar new year gift at this rate, nor probably lunar new year. Maybe spring equinox. The real deadline is next fall, but I want to clear it before then. If only it required less attention! ;)

I had a pending order for a winter gift for Reason (square metal loop loom with cotton loops, not sold locally) from the company that made her cornflower cardigan's yarn, and now I've added three skeins of it to pad out the remaining cone yardage so that it can be Ivar for me after all. Alternating cone yarn and skein yarn ought to be easier than alternating yarn from two cones.... Reason still can't follow simple crochet loops while watching me from any angle (relatedly, bicycling clicked only three months ago), but she wants very much to make useful things and can handle a four-loop spool loom, the kind that makes plaited cord. Thus I'll grant her the facility to make potholders/trivets for the kitchen so that I don't have to knit or crochet some. Everyone wins. :P

Kitten update

Nov. 25th, 2016 21:53
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Dreadful normally couldn't care less about human food, but right now I'm eating beef jerky and I swear the cat is considering eating me to get to it. Too bad for him he's on a strict diet.

He is in fact doing really well lately, while still being a frustrating medical mystery. He's still diabetic, but he's extremely sensitive to insulin. We had him on 1/2 unit of insulin twice a day and his blood-glucose was going down way too low during the day, so we tried him at 1/4 unit of insulin twice a day and now his numbers aren't going down far enough! So as of today we're switching him to 1/2 unit in the morning and 1/4 unit at night and still testing his blood-glucose both times before giving him insulin. I'd really like his numbers to settle down and become predictable enough that I don't have to test him twice a day, as that's no fun for either of us.

cut for discussion of feline weight loss )

Here are a couple recent pics of him:

Sovay is also doing quite well these days. As part of Dreadful's strict wet-food-only diet, we got a microchip-controlled feeder for Sovay and she's taken to it like a champs! It was not cheap, but it's been really effective in both enforcing Dreadful's diet and easing Sovay's food anxiety.

Marna's been out of town for a couple weeks, so Sovay's been glued to my side in her absence. Since Dreadful already spends much of his time glued to me this has caused some intra-feline drama. Fortunately, Marna gets home on Monday, so I only have a a few more days of it to cope with. I love these cats, but I could use a little space from them occasionally.

One worrisome thing is that she has started having trouble getting onto my bed (the highest bed in the house). It may just be age-related, but I'm watching her closely for any other changes. She's due for a vet visit, so I'll probably take her in in the next few weeks and mention that while I'm there. In the meantime I've stolen the step stool out of the kitchen and stuck it at the end of my bed for her.

Some pictures of Sovay to close this post out:

showa candy

Nov. 25th, 2016 14:12
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Showa Candy Store (Android) and Showa Candy Store 2 (Android): I installed these at the same time because I didn't realize that they're almost identical. In each, the player stocks candy in an old woman's shop, then has the chance to read some letters that form a thin story. Once I saw that the only way to have more story was to check in periodically and refresh candy, I quit. There's no logical link between the story bits and anything the player does, within the bits I've read. Maybe people who like the cat-minding game, Neko Atsume, without caring so much about the cat sightings would like this---this is similar, if simpler.

It's interesting to compare the two in terms of player feedback or developer rumination. In #1, the player looks in at the shop with the woman in the rear left corner; the outside view shows a wall with a closed door/gate and a small shrine. In #2, the player looks outward, almost over the woman's shoulder, to a hazy street from which children enter; the "outside" view is part of her small living space behind the shop. #1 has fewer student types and candy types while letting the player invest (to no obvious goal) in certain maintenance stats, whereas #2 lets the player unlock candy types and adds collectible vending-machine objects. #2 has somewhat nicer art.

Both are elaborate clickers minus the social aspect. I would rather have bought the short story or novella that underlies each game without having to stock candy and feel that I was keeping an old woman bound to the shop. I recognize that running such a shop can be liberating, in fact, but there is zero context to suggest it.

Lurk Less, Post More

Nov. 23rd, 2016 21:02
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Remember when I used to post about my life and shit? In that vein I thought I'd post about the many things going on with my health right now, partially just to get it down in one place and partially in hopes that some of you have gone through similar things.

Health thing one: I'm in the process of switching mood stabilizers because my mood stabilizer gave me diabetes. Yeah, I didn't even know that was possible, but it turns out Olanzapine is an evil fucker.

cut for some discussion of weight/weight loss )

Health thing two: my periods have been out of whack all year and my last ultrasound (I've had two in the last six months) found a uterine polyp which may explain some of what's wrong.

I started the year by having a period approximately every 45-50 days. Which concerned me, as while I have never been clockwork regular, I've always fallen into the general 25-30 day cycle range. So, I went to the doctor and had my first trans-vaginal ultrasound of the year, which found nothing, and a referral to a gynecologist.

The long gap between periods was followed by two periods 10 days apart. That was fun. Then I had one extra-long, but quite light period in August.

Then came September and October, in which I bled on and off for three weeks, including about five days of heavier bleeding than I've ever had in my life, with accompanying doubled-over-in-pain level cramps. At the worst I was bleeding through the largest size ob tampons approximately every three hours. Which is when I went back to the doctor, because that was just ridiculous.

Cue trans-vaginal ultrasound number two, which found the uterine polyp, which my doctor says may be what's causing the particularly-heavy and abnormal bleeding. So, that probably means surgery to remove it. Fortunately, I already had that gynecologist referral and my appointment is the first week of December. Still, I'm all wibbly about it because OMG SURGERY. The biggest surgery I've ever had was having my wisdom teeth out. My health has been shitty enough in the past that I'm comfortable with a wide range of health care (I can do ER visits like a champ!) but surgery, even a minor day surgery, is a bit outside my comfort level, so reassurance from anyone who's had similar experience would be great.

And that's pretty much where I am these days. Fretty and preoccupied with my health, but getting better. This dw post is the longest thing I've written in months, I'm feeling pretty good about that. Maybe my writing brain is coming back with the Lamotrigine switch. I can certainly hope!

changing customs, 2 of 4

Nov. 22nd, 2016 21:08
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Choe Sang-su, Annual Customs of Korea (1983): first published in 1960 and updated here with text as well as 100+ color photos, a tremendous gift. As a nice supplement to the two theatre books by Cho [post forthcoming], for example, Choe gives color photos of (one vintage of) the Hahoe masks being worn and describes the players' preparation. I've taken CamScanner snaps of the nine-page table of contents.

That said, aside from a few topics that seized Choe's interest (or the interest of his editor, or whoever), such as yut for new year, the book is inherently superficial with a paragraph or two per topic. That's the trade-off, right? When Choe says that a certain type of food was prepared and eaten during a certain lunar month (props for sticking to lunar months!), I can't imagine that every household in every village on the peninsula did it thus. There's the usual paucity of any information about women or gendered traditions, though Choe is better than some about it. On the other plus side, some of those one- or two-paragraph sections are localized, due perhaps to specific though unnamed informants, and a few involve regions north of the DMZ. Also, someone has looked up and reported Latin taxonomic designations for most of the plants Choe mentions, which is super useful for things I know by sight when my mother has forgotten the Korean term....


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