Tumblr, why are you like this?

Oct. 22nd, 2016 10:21
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I'm taking take a break from it. I thought I'd stay relatively isolated from the "purity policing in fanfiction" discourse. Sure, I've reblogged some of the rebuttals, but otherwise I hadn't seen much of it on my dash.

Then. THEN. One of my mutuals starts posting multiple variations that had me agog. The big ones were:
  • I'm not saying you shouldn't write this stuff. I'm just saying it's not too much to ask you not to post it.

  • You can put all the warnings and tags on it, but kids are going to do what they want. Some of this stuff can harm them. So you should look out for them and not post it.

YOU GUYS. I was this close to picking a HUGE fight. I didn't think I was the type, but apparently I am. (Haha, no, I lie. I know I am the type.) I started about a dozen replies before I just opted to close my browser instead and go for a walk.

It'd be one thing if it were a teen posting this. I give teens leeway because they're still figuring things out and I think they should have that space. But this wasn't a teen. This was a grown-ass woman who isn't much younger than me.

So I'm taking a break from that hellish blue site. A follower had reblogged one of those rebuttal posts from me and added the tag: "honestly the policing triggers me more than any upsetting content".

I feel you, follower. I feel you.


Oct. 19th, 2016 22:33
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Wow, so Mitsuboshi no Kyushoku = Chef (jdrama, 2016) stars Amami Yuki as the titular Michelin-approved chef who experiences a sudden change in path---after an insecure man arranges a scandal to discredit her because she's a self-assured, extremely competent woman in her field.

That her subsequent placement involves failing to make school lunches is amusing but definitely secondary.

Since only ep. 1 + Eng subs exist so far, I don't know whether I'll have access to the whole thing, never mind time . . . but resources permitting, I am so there. (Unless it turns out to be solely about punishing her for her arrogance.)

chained books

Oct. 19th, 2016 09:26
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Kate Carlisle, The Lies That Bind (2010), Brooklyn Wainwright #3
ibid., Books of a Feather (2016), #10

I've also bounced off #2, If Books Could Kill. So, Brooklyn is a bookbinder who takes commissions, presents at conferences, and teaches workshops, which is obviously what piqued my interest. Murder seems to follow her, and she sort of solves mysteries with some help from her friends. #3 centers upon a workshop stint and Brooklyn's passive regret that someone who paid her to repair an early edition of Dickens's Oliver Twist has passed it off as a first printing; #10 involves the Audubon Society. TBH, I've read perhaps two-fifths of #3---the first fifth and the last---and the first and last 10% of #10. Enough to be right about how both books wrap.

Despite being a sought-after professional, Brooklyn's knowledge of preservation and book history has her author's unevenness (I mean, I know little but can pick out rough bits). More to the point, she is trapped for volumes upon volumes in sort of boringly swishy romance arcs with alpha men, a boring number of things and people that are "petite," and Brooklyn's own use of "females" (noun) to refer to her friends. Good night. I mean, I know well that there are readers who love this sort of narrative uncritically, but I can't be one of them. In #10, the love interest's tall "Asian" friend (Chinese descent, educated at Eton and Cambridge, with C19 ancestor who also attended Cambridge) says, "As you might expect, my interests are mainly in Asian art." My eyes roll forever.

Such a small thing to look up---San Francisco does not face "Richmond County" to the east. The city of Richmond is in Contra Costa county, on the coast across from it. I can nearly get behind Brooklyn's San Francisco, which is of 1998 at most despite Carlisle's attempts at the current decade; the idea that one would drive from south of Market St to Pacific Heights is nearly laughable now. MUNI bus/rail, taxi, Uber/Lyft/similar, one's own feet---but not a car that one must park.

In conclusion, public libraries are awesome.

slotober: handmade

Oct. 17th, 2016 09:25
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How do you understand your style, choose projects well, advance your skills, get the right fit, and keep things interesting and long-lasting at the same time. What are your go-to patterns and most successful garments. How do you avoid mindless acquisition of yarn and fabric, or making “too much.” How do you make time and space for making — and why?


(Socktober is a better theme than Slotober, must say.)

I taught myself to knit because it seemed more useful than crochet, which I'd taught myself previously, and because I needed something at which to fail. Read more... )

I'll skip next week's theme, "known origins," partly because I know of some familial instances of making but haven't seen them---most were lost during migration or sold soon thereafter. I don't need the things I make to have stories. Perhaps Reason will have that privilege.

(Reason's cardi: 95%, with 1.5 pockets, some buttons, and the sewing in of ends remaining; extra deadline: on track; simple second curtain for Reason's room: hemmed and put up (last week); simple curtain for front room: two edges hemmed, i.e. 25%; mittens: on ice till November; small shawl I began during Reason's weekly summer swim class: center stage temporarily.)

some things

Oct. 14th, 2016 13:41
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* I wouldn't be myself without a sudden, unexpected deadline---though it's for nontrivial knitting. Hmph. I was expecting a different one to cut across, which may yet.

* Having paused watching Incarnation of Jealousy during ep. 8, I've lost momentum and have been reading recaps (also of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Fantastic, and---partly from curiosity re: plot overlap with Atashinchi no danshi---Cinderella and the Four Knights). Probably I ought to care about On the Way to the Airport, but I don't. A different version of me, or I at another time and juncture, would probably watch Woman with a Suitcase; instead, recaps. I've compared ten minutes of subtitles of Nirvana in Fire (Bang ya lang), ep. 2, between DramaFever and Viki, and then halted again....

* I have an offer for a full-time position with benefits. Read more... )

Rec me some great long fic!

Oct. 13th, 2016 11:33
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Dear friends,

My partner J. has been devouring long fic lately, and I'm starting to need some added recs. Here's a good chance to dig up your favorite gold standard fics, the kind of thing you would recommend outside of fandom that only requires about a paragraph summary of the canon for someone to be able to read. My partner isn't fannish but she's been enjoying good fic.

She has consumed some nerd canons but not most, and is not particularly fannish. She's just looking for good stories, with or without hot sex, centering queers and/or kinksters. Because of this, I'm trying to find longer fic recs and I'm starting to have trouble coming up with quick recs for her.


  • NO child death or birth loss or lots of child endangerment

  • NO underage sex, even high school AUs

  • Must be intelligible to a non-fannish reader (ie., can't assume fannish osmosis or canon knowledge

  • AUs for RPF canons strongly preferred (I think she finds RPF a little awkward, and definitely doesn't want to have to read up on any RPF background to enjoy the story)

  • High quality writing and long fic (I have recced her fic between about 35K to 300K)

I'm particularly trying to find some Teen Wolf (where Stiles is over 18), Janeway/Seven, DS9 fic, SGA longfic, basically any great f/f fic, and any great BDSM long fic. Sci-fi fandoms and fiction fandoms preferred. Humor and adventure and great worldbuilding and strong writing a plus. Happy endings preferred. She's not in it for hurt/comfort but she will read a little of that if it's part of the story. I'm also trying to do a spread of fandoms.

Here are a few of the stories I have given her that she has loved:

Stuck on the Puzzle by spectaclesofthor. Dragon Age Bull/Cullen fic.

Known Associates by thingswithwings. MCU Steve fic, several pairings, poly and genderqueer and queer culture content.

Pinocchio Fallacy by toft. Mythbusters Sexbot AU.

Unholyverse by bexless. Bandom Frank/Gerard stigmata AU.

The Way You Drink Your Coffee by Marina. Kane/Tazer professional dominant AU (I recced this to her b/c I really love this fic and she has no idea who these guys are and enjoyed it purely as fiction without any canon background--I fully respect and generally agree with fans who don't want to read about Kane given the rape allegations that have come out about him since this fic was posted).

Exeunt, Pursued by Heteronormativity by pscoptera. Check! Please poly road trip fic.

She also really liked Captive Prince and read basically all of the KJ Charles books.

#ITPE 2016 Dear Podficcer

Oct. 13th, 2016 10:17
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Dear Podfic Artist,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the joy you will bring me! This is one of my very favorite exchanges of the year, and I'm honored you've agreed to make me something! Please, aside from my few hard content notes, choose a fic you love and have a great time.

If you're interested in checking them out, here are my AO3 bookmarks (which aren't terribly up to date, sorry...). I'm also on Twitter [twitter.com profile] were_duck if you want to check me out there.

General Likes: I love fic about women and queers, especially f/f or pairings involving trans people of any orientation, or really kinked out het pairings are good too. I also love and read a lot of m/m so if that's your thing, please go for it! I love poly fic, kink fic (and I will read any kink, really), gen friendship fic and character studies, werewolf AUs, stories set in space, domestic fic, adventure stories, family and relationship stories. I like long fic and short fic. In terms of podfic, I like straightforward readings and I also like when podficcers tackle something interesting, like voicing emojis or playing with an effect or similar.

General Dislikes: I'm not super into fic where jealousy plays a major role in the romantic relationship. It's ok if it's present, I just don't tend to like when it's the main thing between characters. I also would prefer no on-screen suicide attempts or self-harm (references to these things off-screen are fine).

Hard limits (things I really would prefer not to have present in a story): pregnancy loss or on-screen child death. If there's a canon child death that gets referred to in passing, that's ok, but in general this is a thing I can't deal with lately.

Comments about my requested fandoms:

MCU (movies): I love the Marvel ladies (Natasha! Pepper! Maria! Wanda!), Sam/Steve is my JAM, and I have a soft spot for Bucky/Steve. Team hijinks and feelings all the way down in this fandom.

Luke Cage: I fucking can't get enough of Mariah/Shades. The d/s vibes between them KILL me. I'm also SUPER into Luke/Claire, and anything about Misty Knight.

Dragon Age: Inquisition: Oh my god, basically any combination of Dorian, Bull, and/or Cullen. There is some great f/f fic in this fandom, too! I tend not to find fic centering the inquisitor to be very interesting, personally, but if you know a fic in the fandom you really love about an inquisitor, please go for it.

ST:Reboot: Kirk/Spock, Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Uhura/Spock, Bones/Spock... I will love it all. I'm very into the Vulcan stuff these days, and the stories that resonate between original timeline and new reboot.

ST:TOS: Amanda/Sarek, Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Spock/Bones, the Diane Duane tie-in novels... Fandom of my heart.

ST:DS9: I'm super into Jadzia Dax, Kira Nerys, (is there any Dax/Kira fic???) and my main ship on this show is Bashir/Garak because... yes. I love their banter.

Ghostbusters (2016): I AM A PATTY/HOLTZ SHIPPER any gen involving either/both of them is also VERY WELCOME.

Steven Universe: I LOVE EVERYONE! I'm particularly fascinated by Connie and Steven's relationship, and Stevonnie, and also Garnet, but there's SO MUCH going on in terms of backstory in the show, especially recent eps, that I'm fascinated by any story about the Gems, anything exploring worldbuilding or futurefic.

Young Avengers (America & Kate only): This is such a great pairing and I'd be DELIGHTED by any podfic at all starring them!

Star Wars: TFA: REY REY REY REY! Poe/Finn! Poe/Rey/Finn! GENERAL LEIA! Leia/Poe! backstories, future fic, Finn figuring out how to be a person and not a stormtrooper, Rey moving toward her ~destiny~, Leia being worldweary... all of it is good.

okinawan religion

Oct. 11th, 2016 22:46
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William P. Lebra, Okinawan Religion: Belief, ritual, and social structure (1966): all I could think while reading is that it's another "great that this exists; wonder what's not seen, wonder what's faded since" early investigation by an external researcher who believes he respects his work and interview subjects while being separated from them by the twinned layers of a language barrier and his residual sense of visiting a less civilized, sort of tribal people. Eh. What has survived the translator-informants who arranged meetings with additional informants and Lebra's knowledge of Japanese but not Central Okinawan or Kunigami languages makes a synthetic whole---it's a readable book---but I have no prior context and thus have read as an interested tourist. Wikipedia's onarigami piece is a compatible overview, and I've since picked up Monika Wacker's "Onarigami: Holy Women in the Twentieth Century" (Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 30.3–4 [2003], 339–59), as one of my last employer-facilitated JSTOR downloads.

Lebra's synthesis of what he presents as a matriarchal structure is made the more awkward after the fact by a chance reading of his 1985 review of Laurel Kendall's diss-turned-book in which he says that the celebrants Kendall describes at one point are "females." Yes, yes, time and place and generation, but it's not as though the word "women" was unknown in 1985, or 1966 for that matter. Wacker says that such a matriarchy cannot be proven, amidst useful, indirect complication of Lebra's narrative.

You know, I am not down on external researchers. Read more... )

tinker island postscript

Oct. 10th, 2016 08:08
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Now that I've reached the denouement of the village arc: no thanks. (Too meh for a "WTF.") Prior post.

fiber monday

Oct. 9th, 2016 22:43
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* "Fiber Tuesday" arose a few years ago while I had a 70%-time job and used Tuesdays for housework (or rested to avoid total collapse). Subsequent posts will fall ~24h earlier, on somewhere-it's-Monday (local Sunday night). Local Tuesday morning is never when I type post drafts of any kind lately, even while between commitments.

* So now I've knitted 4.25 thumbless mittens, of which 2.75 persist so far, due to Reason. Uh. I have guesstimated how to adapt the pattern for her---a bit narrower, dramatically shorter: mine go to her elbow. Briefly there were three mittens: the first attempt was the right width yet too short for her hand.

* It's good that the mitten pairs match by pattern because our pairwise cardigans may not match by yarn color after all---Gentleperson has wanted more yarn than I'd thought. I've incorporated the Ivar cardi strip into one Gentleperson sleeve and mentally tabled Ivar itself. Most likely, the remainder of cone #2 plus the third cone will become something for older Reason---and then I'll buy myself two cones plus a couple of skeins in woodsmoke green or periwinkle, which'd probably suit me better than cornflower anyway. No yarn purchases for a while again, though.

* To pass the time with a game of solitaire: ISO sleeveless, open-front, upper-half layer (UK waistcoat, US vest) for casual-office warmth. pattern links and such )

It is oddly difficult to find web-based information in English (I haven't tried other langs I can read) about the antecedents of the English waistcoat---probably Turkish or Persian, akin unexpectedly to Turkic bogatyri. One glossary that lists garment names in Farsi says that "jelīqa" derives from French "gilet," which made me blink. Surely the French term is derivative, as Wiktionary says (see also fascinating list), given existence of yelek/jelek? As with "cheese" and "spinach," clearly the term and the object have traveled, but.... Plenty of francophone knitters use "gilet" to mean a short, front-opening garment with sleeves, by the way, essentially a cropped cardigan in anglophone terms, as though sleevedness weren't a key factor. I mean, what is a cardigan but a sleeved yelek. (Yes, I remember that "vest" is a generic, curtailed garment---vestido, vestment, etc.)


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