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As part of the recent writing meme that I did, [personal profile] heartofoshun asked me for some background on one of my stories:
I really am not doing very well sorting out the cave scene and how MR might have thought it would be read. As much as I love her writing, I don't admire her assumptions and vagueness/subtlety as much as she admired them herself. I don't care for the sense she at times gives me that she is speaking to choir and I am some heathen who wandered in out of the rain. So how you read it and took off on it would be of great interest to me--personal inspirations, what was the original plot-bunny that bit you, insights, Meta, and always writing choices (words, style, what you would think of as extrapolation or deepening or even departure if there is any) are all things I'd love to read about.

Dreamwidth comments can be pretty long but I just posted this story yesterday and these are great questions! So I will ramble below at self indulgent length...

The foggy, foggy dew (5324 words) by Naraht
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Return to Night - Mary Renault
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Hilary Mansell/Julian Fleming, Hilary Mansell & Lisa Clare
Characters: Hilary Mansell, Julian Fleming, Lisa Clare

What happened after the cave: chapter twenty of Return to Night.

Discussion of canonical suicide attempt, claustrophobia (literal and metaphorical), and always, always, mother issues )

Writing meme

Jul. 24th, 2014 16:39
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Pick any paragraph or any passage less than 500 words [or more if you really feel like it] from any fanfic I've written and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet of what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it, what's going on in the characters' heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the fic, and anything else you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

My collected works are here
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Did anyone write today?

OTW Fannews: On fanfiction

Jul. 24th, 2014 11:24
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OTW Fannews: On Fanfiction Banner

Automated fanfic recs? It could happen. Meanwhile, parents dig fic and global fandom writes it:

So, to recap the week so far

Jul. 24th, 2014 01:11
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Three trips to the emergency 24-hour vet in one week is three trips too many. And that's not even taking into account the daily visits to the regular vet.

this entire week needs an animal-harm warning. )
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This is a crosspost from Infotropism. You can comment here or there.

I recently put together this reading list on queer intersectionality for a local LGBTIQ group, as part of thinking about how we can serve a wider community of same-sex attracted and gender diverse folks. I thought it might be useful to share it more widely.

For context, this is a 101 level reading list for people with a bare understanding of the concept of intersectionality. If you’re not familiar with that you might want to read Wikipedia’s article on intersectionality.

Interview with Kimberlé Crenshaw, who named and popularised the concept of intersectionality — I think it’s important that we remember and give credit to Professor Crenshaw and the black movements whose ideas we’re using, which is why I’m including this link first.

Intersectionality draws attention to invisibilities that exist in feminism, in anti-racism, in class politics, so obviously it takes a lot of work to consistently challenge ourselves to be attentive to aspects of power that we don’t ourselves experience.” But, she stresses, this has been the project of black feminism since its very inception: drawing attention to the erasures, to the ways that “women of colour are invisible in plain sight”.

“Within any power system,” she continues, “there is always a moment – and sometimes it lasts a century – of resistance to the implications of that. So we shouldn’t really be surprised about it.”

An excellent article about the New York group Queers for Economic Justice:

“You would never know that poverty or class is a queer issue,” said Amber Hollibaugh, QEJ Executive Director and founding member. She continued: “Founding QEJ was, for many of us that were part of it, a statement of …wanting to try to build something that assumed a different set of priorities [than the mainstream gay equality movement]: that talked about homelessness, that talked about poverty, that talked about race and sexuality and didn’t divide those things as if they were separate identities. And most of us that were founding members couldn’t find that anywhere else.”

An interesting personal reflection on intersectionality by a queer Asian woman in NZ:

On the other side, if I’m having issues in my queer relationship with my white partner the discourse my mum uses is that same-gender relationships just don’t work and aren’t supposed to work. Find a (Chinese) man, get married and have babies like she did. You don’t have to love him to begin with but you will grow to love him. Like my mum did, apparently. It’s like if you’re queer and there’s problems in your relationship it’s because you’re queer and the solution is to be heterosexual. If you’re Chinese and there’s problems with your family it’s because Chinese culture is just more conservative or backward and the solution is to distance yourself away from it or try to assimilate into Pakeha culture. It shouldn’t have to be like this.

An article about intersectionality and climate justice (not very queer-oriented but some interesting stuff to think about):

On a personal level, we have to slow down and educate ourselves so that we can name the toxic systems within which we exist. We have to relearn the real histories of the land, of resistance movements and what it has taken for communities survive. We must also take the time to talk through all of the connections so that we can build a deeper analysis of the crises we face. During this process, it’s important that we commit to the slow time of genuine relationship-building, especially as we learn to walk into communities that we’re not a part of in respectful ways. From there, we create space to truly hear each other’s stories and bring people together in ways that, as Dayaneni says, “we can see ourselves in each other.”

A speech about queerness and disability:

This gathering has been very white and for the most part has neglected issues of race and racism. All of us here in this room today need to listen to queer disabled people of color and their experiences. We need to fit race and racism into the matrix of queerness and disability. I need to ask myself, not only “What does it mean to be a pansexual tranny with a long butch dyke history, a walkie with a disability that I acquired at birth,” but also, “What does it mean to be a white queer crip?”

We haven’t asked enough questions about class, about the experiences of being poor and disabled, of struggling with hunger, homelessness, and a lack of the most basic healthcare. I want to hear from working class folks who learned about disability from bone-breaking work in the factory or mine or sweatshop.

We need more exploration of gender identity and disability. How do the two inform each other? I can feel the sparks fly as disabled trans people are just beginning to find each other. We need to listen more to Deaf culture, to people with psych disabilities, cognitive disability, to young people and old people. We need not to re-create here in this space, in this budding community, the hierarchies that exist in other disability communities, other queer communities.

And finally, Beyond the Queer Alphabet (ebook) — an entire book on the subject of queer intersectionality.

If you’ve got any other recommended reading, I’d appreciate hearing about it.

Reading Wednesday

Jul. 23rd, 2014 20:29
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A Young Radical's Guide to Love by [ profile] blamebrampton - "Memories of the war are still fresh, which is all the excuse Decent People need to do appalling things. In this quietly waged conflict, Draco Malfoy is happy to be on the right side of things for once, and even happier to find he’s not alone."

After the books, the Wizarding World tries to go back to normal as best it can. Trying to make up for his past deeds, Percy Weasley uses his position at the Ministry of Magic to issue arrest warrants for friends/family of former Death Eaters - whether they're actually guilty of any crimes or not. A sort-of-coping Draco Malfoy eventually meets up with Auror Potter, & things go on from there.



It was amazing. My ranting doesn't do it justice.

On Wiscon

Jul. 23rd, 2014 15:09
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[personal profile] coffeeandink has some background links along with the text of her letter to the ConCom.

This link round-up appears to be the most comprehensive so far.

Personal thoughts )
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I need to make more progress on that bedamned essay. How's your writing project going?
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The foggy, foggy dew (5326 words) by Naraht
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Return to Night - Mary Renault
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Hilary Mansell/Julian Fleming, Hilary Mansell & Lisa Clare
Characters: Hilary Mansell, Julian Fleming, Lisa Clare

What happened after the cave: chapter twenty of Return to Night.

I have spent a long time wondering why I was writing a coda to the final chapter of Return to Night. Newsflash: I generally prefer to ignore the final chapter entirely. But it leaves so many loose ends that I felt I had to bring it out into the light of day. Also, contains bonus Lisa.

Dreadful update

Jul. 22nd, 2014 15:53
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Dreadful is staying at the vet overnight tonight because they can't get a urine sample from him and they really need one to run tests on, especially because, to quote the vet, my cat is "acting weird". She then went on to clarify that it's "good weird", but still weird. Basically, his blood glucose level today was much lower than they expected it to be. So, it's possible that he's going to be the kind of cat whose diabetes can be controlled just with food.

We went back to scritch him a bit in his cage and the vet tech said he'd been "angry eating", which is also a good sign. He's definitely way perkier and more himself today than he was yesterday.
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The summer's going by fast. How're you doing?
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Who's writing today? I need to make some more progress on the essay I'm working on. Woe.

(no subject)

Jul. 22nd, 2014 10:42
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There in the dim light of the candles, he was settled atop the stairway banister, hunched in on himself, his eyes bright and fevered. She remembered, unwillingly, disbelievingly, what Prasit - Prasit, the were-betta, the ancient enemy of Egberd's clan, had told her:

"Beware the midnight screeching," he had said.

"It's super annoying."

- my were-budgie book, to be the first installment in my hit The Alphas of PetSmart series, which a person has inspired me to write. That person will regret this.

Insurance recs?

Jul. 22nd, 2014 04:56
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So I'm shopping around for new car and homeowner's insurance. Usual reasons -- my current insurance provider (Liberty Mutual) raised my rates so much for no reason. (I haven't made any claims.)

Got any recs and/or advice for me?
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After several days of questionable behavior and eating very little to nothing we took Dreadful into the vet this afternoon. Diagnosis: he has diabetes, and it's likely he'll have to be on insulin for the rest of his life.

The most frustrating part is that we knew he was overweight and were working on getting him down. Between mid April and the beginning of July he lost a full two pounds, which for a cat is a nice, healthy rate of loss. Since then he's lost another full pound which is much too fast.

The vets gave him insulin, some fluids and an appetite stimulant and let us take him home for the night, but he has to go back in first thing in the morning. And then tomorrow afternoon we all get lessons in how to give him insulin and how to track his eating.

This will mean all sorts of changes around the house. We have to figure out how to feed the cats separately, since Dreads will be on a special diet. All of us leaving town at the same time is going to be harder and require training of a cat sitter. And, of course, we're looking at an ongoing cost for insulin and probably more frequent vet visits. Like the subject line says, cats are why we can't have nice things. *sigh*

For now, Dreadful is curled up at the foot of my bed. He's had about 2/5th of the can of diabetic food the vet sent home and seems much perkier than he was earlier today. I'm fretting about money and stress and hassle, but also just really glad that it's something treatable and manageable.

Also, this article says that I should "think of it as a bonding experience with [my] cat!" I am...dubious.
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I know, I know, I never call, I never write, and now I'm back with a solicitation for help.

One of our projects this summer has been to try and trap the feral cats that live in the confluence of our and our neighbors' back yards. Our next-door neighbor managed to catch two of the mamas and last week we took them into our vet for their surgery. Even with a great deal from the vets it still cost us $300 to fix, microchip and test for FIV two cats. There is one more female and an unknown number of kittens still to be trapped, and we've just been hit with some painful ongoing expenses for our own cats (more about that in its own post), so we've decided now is the time to put out the internet tip jar.

In the grander scheme of things I know feral cats aren't necessarily a priority, but if you have a few bucks to send to nameless at clysdale dot ca, we would be very grateful.

(no subject)

Jul. 21st, 2014 12:46
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If people could not a) link my online pseudonyms to my legal name or b) discuss my mental health in public, that'd be really fucking great.


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