May. 24th, 2016 22:24
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Julia Blackburn, Threads: The Delicate Life of John Craske (2015): Craske went to sea, and then he went to WWI and returned unable to do much besides paint and embroider, with considerable support from his wife, Laura. The marriage preceded his dysfunction. I wanted more about his art, but Blackburn's point is that a life is elusive, hence our having mostly her attempts to gather information and feel, via e.g. an acquaintance who could phone an old relative who may or may not have known him. There is much about (Blackburn's sense of) Norfolk and fishing culture, too, and a bit about Blackburn's partner which pertains thematically. (Can one have a spoiler about a dual-threaded remembrance?)

Sylvia Townsend Warner collected Craske's work, unsurprisingly.

Something Craske remembered, which Blackburn ?quotes in italic amidst her narrative:
We used to cure the fish as it came in season. This is the list as far as I can remember:
Haddock, smoked; Codling, smoked; Whiting, smoked; Herring Pouch, smoked; Herring, bloatered; Herring, kippered; Mackerel, kippered; Cod's Roe, smoked; Sprats, smoked; Crabs, boiled; Lobsters, boiled; Crayfish, boiled; Winkles, boiled; Oysters. (p. 53)

fiber tuesday

May. 23rd, 2016 22:55
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Status: 2.Naima is 10 rows from its bottom hem and in need of pockets. It's a bit snug at the shoulder and loose in the body despite my ignorant, tentative efforts to correct for both; since it fits better than most storebought cardigans I've ever met, I shan't rip it back. :P Perhaps I'll adjust the next garment more cleverly. I've also cast on for Reason's Low Tide sleeveless cardi---only 2 cm so that I could see what the yarns look like when held together. There are worse things than producing candy-cane marl in an alpaca/silk blend. (Hey, *I* won't be wearing it.) The paler pink goes bland against the intense one---all I know is it's Miss Babs; it looks like their sugar and either ruby spinel or lady bug. Can't be sure because the fibers differ and this blend has been discontinued. The frog has gained one more toe and been handed over because "I don't care that it needs more toes. I want to hug it," though then she tied its long forelegs and hind legs in knots, which is not much like hugging. Anyway, I pronounce the frog complete at two front toes per leg and three hind ditto; it ought to be four toes per fore leg, five per hind leg.

Locked photo post of recent stuff will follow 2.Naima's completion, since it's a bit of fuss to place images.

This week's pattern crush: my tentative plan to make Leigh, a nearly sleeveless top that's to be knitted bottom-up, has been threatened by the recent release of Asagi, a similarly loose/wide top. That Asagi is top down is preferable; Leigh's slightly longer sleevelets are preferable. The yarn I have for this pattern-space is the purple wool/silk blend reclaimed from the Conic shrug---anshishoku or sumire, perhaps, instead of asagi. I wonder how hard it would be to adapt Leigh to have a small sleeve decoration, less emphatic than Asagi's because it'd be closer to the sleevelet's edge, and perhaps to echo it near the bottom hem. If Leigh's schematic tells truly, I can knit it nearly as written because it's designed with 9" of positive ease; torso + 7 or 8" is what I need for my shoulders to be admitted, I've determined (ugh).

and one more fic

May. 23rd, 2016 10:31
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A slightly oversized drabble that I should have realised could be posted for the exchange, but didn't...

Creighton's job (137 words) by Naraht
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Return to Night - Mary Renault
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hilary Mansell/David
Characters: Hilary Mansell, David (Return to Night)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Break Up

Ossian Bradford makes a different decision.

Renault Exchange

May. 23rd, 2016 10:28
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I got two fantastic stories for the Exchange:

You might as well live (13870 words) by AMarguerite
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Charioteer - Mary Renault
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Ralph Lanyon/Laurie Odell, Alec Deacon/Sandy Reid, Alec Deacon & Ralph Lanyon
Characters: Alec Deacon, Ralph Lanyon, Laurie Odell, Sandy Reid, Theo Sumner, Peter (The Charioteer)
Additional Tags: Suicide, Implied/Referenced Suicide, Holocaust, 1950s

A consultation with Dr. Greenbaum on his late patient, Alan Turing, stirs up all sorts of unpleasant memories for Dr. Alec Deacon, noted Jungian psychoanalyst.

TW: in-depth discussion of suicide, in-depth discussion of what happened to Alan Turing, discussion of the holocaust, homophobia, homophobic persecution, mentions of blackmail

Performance keeps no day (2548 words) by Lilliburlero
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kind Are Her Answers - Mary Renault, Return to Night - Mary Renault
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Julian Fleming/Hilary Mansell, Kit Anderson/Christie Heath
Characters: Rollo Baines, Julian Fleming, Christie Heath, Kit Anderson, Chris Tranter
Additional Tags: Theatre, Gossip, Bars and Pubs, Period Typical Attitudes

‘Oh, Rollo’s all right,’ said Christie, when Kit scolded her about it afterward. ‘He never gossips. He’s as safe as a bank.’

Kind Are Her Answers, Ch.21.

Well, sort of.


Content note: period-typical language and attitudes relating to homosexuality; sexism, misogyny.

My own efforts were not so productive but I did manage to unearth one little vignette:

Honour hath no skill in surgery (1119 words) by Naraht
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Return to Night - Mary Renault
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hilary Mansell/David, Hilary Mansell/Julian Fleming
Characters: Hilary Mansell, David (Return to Night)
Additional Tags: 1940s, Adultery, Aging
Series: Part 4 of In that dark womb

Having given in to the inevitable, Hilary and David ponder the future.

bicycle update, and

May. 22nd, 2016 20:32
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I've managed to ride to work alone, pick up Reason, and return home once a week most weeks since February. I'd like to try it twice in a week, but logistics and sometimes my endurance or the weather have barred it. The chiropractor says that muscle tone has improved in my back and flank---sacroiliac remains my weakest link---and she's moved me from weekly appointments to biweekly ones. By the end of the fortnight things feel quite painful each time, but they're usually not as far from their rightful places anymore, which means that they hurt because bike therapy has helped my muscles do their jobs better....

Still uncertain about the cause of strain in my right knee, ostensibly the good one, which recurs during any bicycling within a minute of starting. Candidates include torqued hip/pelvis, poor positioning of leg, weak relevant muscles, and We Can't Have Nice Things. I dunno.

Last week happens to have been a high point for bike use: commencement week, so no parking to be found near the office after 8:30 a.m., and I had a small pile of scheduling to knock off. The day's total was 14 km, albeit at 85-90 F = 29.5-32 C. Chiro had been the day before, unavoidably (I try to time it so that it doesn't precede strain, lest my joints revert as though the appointment had never been, as has happened here). Two good things, sort of: no soreness from the bicycling, and having significant pain meant committing to putting a primer coat on the door that was installed last month.

(Okay, so painting was not itself a good thing aside from the effect of half-painted door (1-2 top coats to come), since I hadn't done anything like that since we moved house when I was nearly nine, which means I meditated upon fumes and unpleasant memories: Read more... )


May. 22nd, 2016 20:52
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I keep wanting to make a post about turning thirty*, but pre-WisCon anxiety has reduced me to a person unwilling to leave the apartment to go out for dinner BECAUSE STRESS.

[Once WisCon STARTS, I will be fine. Until it starts, I'll be in a perpetual state of losing my shit.]

I know turning an age, or a year turning over, or whatever, doesn't really change things. But I really hope that my thirties are better than my twenties. I feel way older than I am, is that pretentious? lol.

I really hope I'll have more time to blog once WisCon's done.

[*this post is not meant to be a call for birthday wishes. If you haven't wished me happy birthday, I can assume that you're glad I was born!]

some things

May. 21st, 2016 21:38
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* Some people interested in the kdrama Coffee Prince may also be interested in this review of a doctoral dissertation on Starbucks and Korean coffee/cafe culture. Interestingly, Coffee Prince isn't mentioned; Yoon Eun Hye's earlier role in Vineyard Man is, re: doenjang nyeo, which, wow, has its own Wikipedia page even though the Heungbu and Nolbu page is still flagged for possible removal due to insufficient notability. WTF.

* From music-soothing at child's bedtime: what a YouTube user has uploaded as Beethoven's Silencio but is actually Ernesto Cortazar's "Tributo para Beethoven: El Silencio." Thanks, YT comments---all I had is that it sounds more like Yanni or a second-half-C20 film soundtrack's theme, plus the unexpectedness of a title in Spanish. But it's nice if all you want for a few minutes is something to doze to.

* Child decided earlier this month to stop sucking her thumb after scraping it badly. We applied simple bandages for three nights after the wound no longer needed it, and after that, her mouth no longer needed the reminder. Whew. Lucky, also, future dental issues aside, because idiopathic hives (heat rash?) two days running have helped her thumb joint to swell unexpectedly. more, and first mammogram )

* I have begun watching Dear My Friends, which has acting exactly as amazing as one'd expect, though I'm about to stop so that my mother may watch if she likes, and on [personal profile] lian's rec I have begun playing Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (Vita). And I have at least two deadlines of significance.


May. 21st, 2016 21:36
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Hi all-- Medievalists are horrible enablers, did you know that? Today, I was enabled into creating a tumblr blog:

Okay fine, I volunteered to do it, but the encouragement that came after was, shall we say, strong.

In any case, it's a brand new account, and I need to put stuff in the queue! If you are a medievalist with a tattoo* (or more than one!), please let me know! If you are not a medievalist, but you have a tattoo with a medieval subject, also let me know! I would like to post photos, so take some selfies (or get a friend to help)!

*If you are a medievalist but your ink is not medieval, that's A-OK, we'll still take you ;)

A couple things:

1) Anonymity/Identity: Let me know if it's okay to use your name, or if you'd prefer to use a pseudonym/your twitter handle/be anonymous. (If you are a medieval scholar I'd love to be able to use your name, but being safe on the internet is more important than anything else.)

2) Storytime: Please include any details about your tattoo! Any stories behind it, or your experience getting it. Anything you have to share would be great, and there's no better person to talk about your tattoo besides you.

That's it! I have a couple things in the queue, but I'm still working on getting stories from most people, so there isn't much there yet. But there will be! I've got some amazing ink in the works, you know you wanna see it!

variants upon titles

May. 17th, 2016 19:08
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Michael Johnston and Michael Van Dussen, eds., The Medieval Manuscript Book: Cultural Approaches (CUP, 2015): seriously, the field is running out of book titles, whether monograph or essay collection, for this cluster of topics. Okay. I promised myself that the way to get through this post (instead of reading without blogging) was to allot one sentence/fragment per essay immediately after reading it. Most sentences have been typed on my phone; I haven't read quite all of the essays. So:

Lerer skipped. Nichols is still great at close-reading mise en page. Kwakkel: cogent synthesis of cultural contexts facilitating distinctions of script and use. Echard: lucid about how early modern antiquarians were scribe-participants, not only scholar-forebears, with particular attention to Asser's life of Alfred, the Parker Chronicle and Laws, and Matthew Paris. Dolezalová (needs another diacritic): Bohemian focus---deconstruction of German/Czech/Latin usages, problems with canonizing one vernacular, and what we may construe from unremarked blendings. Bahr still needs to catch up on recent Auchinleck work (so also in his tenure-making monograph, ach) yet sounds beautiful as always. Taylor: as though he'd sat in on a Minnis seminar with me, Zumthor Dante Chrétien Piers Copeland Nichols Huot, Chaucer vs. Froissart, and at last Christine de Pizan, but dude, that seminar was, like, fifteen years ago. Busby and Kleinhenz: yet another canvas, and for what? Kerby-Fulton as closing: palaeography is an art that implements ideas; brief scrutiny of Parkes, "originalia". Then I realized I'd missed Foys, who investigates Tib. B.v's instantiations---Cotton's mucking about, BL split, McGurk et al.'s printing, partial digitization (a different kind of fragmentation), and of course the Cotton Map (cogent as usual---Foys/maps/map-digitization OT3).

I think that one may tell which ones I've found of use.

contents )

Jane the Virgin speculation

May. 17th, 2016 08:38
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This is a speculation, not a spoiler!

I've seen theories that the Narrator of Jane the Virgin will turn out to be Jane's son Mateo, but I disagree. My current theory is that he's the other Mateo -- Alba's husband and Jane's grandfather; a ghost watching over his increasingly extended family.

There may be spoilers for the S2 finale in the comments.

fiber tuesday

May. 16th, 2016 20:52
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Status: the one reason I'm not playing yarn chicken (as they say) with 2.Naima is that I've made the sleeves long enough to fit me, which means that if I need a bit for the bottom hem, there's extra I could take back while leaving the sleeves as long as my storebought stuff tends to be.... One skein and a small ball remain for the pocket's height and bottom ribbing, so it may work without sleeve harvest. The remaining part is mindless knitting, which is how it continues despite the falling away of child gifts amidst dayjob deadline stress and other things. Brain full. Brain closed (mind open).

I have an anti-rec: Romi Hill's New Lace Knitting: Designs for Wide Open Spaces, in which hat-wearers must have a 20" head circumference, and one garment's armhole (from the bony upper end of your collarbone (acromial process) straight down to your armpit) is a whole 6" = 15.25 cm even at an extra-large torso circumference. Here's hoping it's a typo. Even so, the designs are uneven: lovely, sometimes extremely complex motifs, yet each item has at least one weird design element that breaks its fluidity, aesthetic charm, what have you. Hill is known for her complicated scarves and shawls; perhaps she needs more practice before attempting garments for wider consumption.

This week's pattern crush: there still hasn't been time for one, but I'm back to eyeing people's projects of Berenice and Low Tide. They're to be Reason's next garments made by me, Berenice to fit this fall/winter and Low Tide in pattern size 7-9, which ought to begin no earlier than next summer/fall, but Reason wants Low Tide made first because it'll be sleeveless (a novelty for her) and pink (using up an unreturnable, insufficiently well planned yarn purchase by my mother). Fine by me: Low Tide is also the easier to execute, in case I finish 2.Naima during deadline crap. Lace always beats cables for me---opposite for some.


May. 16th, 2016 08:04
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Hey! Who's going to Wiscon this year? Want to hang out? I am especially looking for anyone who wants to hang out during the parties, but not at the parties, because I find them too loud, crowded, and stressful. Let us have a quiet conversation with tea! Or coffee. Or alcohol. Or pie.

Panels that I'm on:

Fantasy in Jane the Virgin; Sun, 4:00–5:15 pm
Jane the Virgin switches genres as comfortably as languages. How do the fantasy sequences work within the reality of the show? What about the bits that look like fantasy, but aren't, like the shower of petals or artificial snow that just happens to fall when Jane is kissing Rafael or Michael? How do the inanimate objects that speak to Jane compare to the ones that speak to Jaye in Wonderfalls? And what about The Narrator?

What Happened to the Women SF Writers? Mon, 10:00–11:15 am
Recent articles—such as an essay by Damien Walter in The Guardian, “Science fiction and fantasy look ahead to a diverse 2016”—have argued that SF writers have all been straight, white men until very recently. What has happened to the women writers who flooded into SF in the 1970s, not to mention earlier and later women writers? Why have they been vanished from the field's history?

X-Files redux

May. 15th, 2016 08:58
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A few nights ago I dreamt that Gillian Anderson was dying of cancer, that she had filmed the trailers for the next X-Files series but would not live to film the series itself. It's impossible to get across the mood of a dream, which never inheres in any of the facts of the plot – it's like trying to describe a scent to someone who has never smelled it. The dream wasn't sad, but almost unbearably poignant, and has stayed with me until now.

It almost certainly had more to do with the recent death of my housemate [ profile] jackfirecat than with Scully's cancer arc, but for whatever reason it seems to have prompted me to go back to the X-Files in a way that 'season 10' most certainly did not.

It's odd to be back after a long absence (eight years, seemingly!). I'm not certain if I'm really even interested in re-watching the series, or just in reviving the mood that the show inspired in me. Re-listening to my old fanmixes has certainly helped with the latter.

Going back to the fiction, I find that my tastes have changed somewhat. I'm not certain if it's just because, reading now, I'm not in the full flush of fannish enthusiasm, but there are quite a few stories that I remember liking a good bit more than I did this time around. Maybe it's just that my tolerance for sentimental shippiness, never high to begin with, is even lower now.

Re-reading my own works? Yes, I have enjoyed that (so predictable...). Yet I'm disappointed in how little, after all, I ended up finishing and posting! In each of my fandoms, I find myself assessing how successful I've been at writing fic that gets across what I find compelling about the fandom, that expresses the emotions it inspires in me. The hierarchy goes somewhat like this: Beatles < X-Files < Star Trek:TNG < Renault. My lack of productiveness in Beatles fandom was a constant frustration, but really I didn't do that well with XF either. Although I did write some good pieces, I was really more a source for meta in the fandom. (Maybe I ought to repost the meta to the AO3?). And my one really significant piece is still unfinished.

In conclusion... no, I have no idea where I'm going with this. If I do get properly back into XF, I just hope that I manage to finish my current Renault WIP first! I don't know that I have the patience for the sprawling unevenness of a television fandom at the moment, but it's been interesting at least to revisit old friends. If there's anything that I ought to know about (fic, meta, vids, any other new fannish creations), do let me know and I'll check them out!

I did find a few new-to-me vids on YouTube. None of them quite achieve the narrative consistency that I want in a vid, but they were enjoyable anyway:
Alejandro (among other things I think this is missing the point of the song, but I quite like the subversiveness of that... and there's good use of footage from other shows Gillian Anderson has been in)
Counting Stars


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